Lynn Barnett is a graduate of The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Cambridge, Ontario. In 2016 she relocated from Kitchener to the Greater Napanee Area and is currently living and working in Amherstview Ontario. She is excited to offer her services to new clients.

Previously Lynn spent 12 years in the natural health industry, managing a health food store. While there she developed a passion for natural health, and an interest in nutrition, vitamins and herbs. She realized the significance of preventative health care as a key component to wellness and longevity. It was a natural progression to decide to become a Registered Massage Therapist. Massage therapy is key for stress reduction, repair and maintenance of soft tissue and joints, and of course, relaxation.

Lynn treats all types of clients: office workers with sore shoulders and necks, athletes who are recovering from injuries or trying to maintain flexibility, pregnant women and new moms who are dealing with changes in weight-bearing, lifting, sleeping, etc. Her approach is holistic and she believes in looking after her clients’ well-being on many different levels.

Please contact Lynn with any questions, or to book your appointment!

Contact Information

Lynn Barnett RMT
106 Dr Richard James Cres.,

Amherstview, ON
K7N 0B9
(By appointment only)
Mobile: 519-588-3846

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